Ome Somanoho Festival October 28, 2017


Ome Somanoho Festival


 October 28, 2017


 11:00~16:00 Admission Free


 Venue : Ome Kamanofuchi Park


Woodchopping and Tray-making:


TimeHappening continuously between 11:00AM4:00PM.


LocationKamanofuchi Parklawn open area


CapacityWhile the log supply lasts.


Participation costFree


EligibilityOpen to everyone


 (please follow staff instructions as this activity involves the use of a cutting tool).


Activity details


You will use a saw to cut the log.


You will be timed, and will be competing for the fastest time to completion. 


Non-school age participants, who beat the standard time, will receive a


  commemorative prize (limited to 10 participants). 


  For participants that are older than junior high school age, the names and times of the


top 3 finishers will be displayed. 


  The cut surface of the log will be sanded smooth to make a log tray. 


  “Ome Rinken” staff will offer a detailed lecture about trees. 


  The log tray you make is yours to keep and take home. 



【Timewith times at 11:00AM,1:00PM,2:00PM,3:00PM



      Registration for all time slots begins at 10:30am.


LocationKamanofuchi Parklawn open area


      Registration is accepted at the event headquarters.


Capacity6 people per session (first 24 guests)


Participation costFree


Eligibilityfor those above elementary school


Activity details


Description of the Tree Climbing® tour by TCJ-certified staff. 


 ◉ Explanation about the required gear and how to put it on.


 ◉ Warm-up exercise: Moku Moku Exercise.


 ◉ Explanation on how to use the rope.


 ◉ Feeling and climbing the tree at your own pace. 


 ◉ When you are back on the ground, conclude the activity by thanking the tree you climbed.


Cooking with wild game and food sampling




Timestarting at11:00AM and1:00PM


LocationKamanofuchi Parklawn open area


      Come to the game meat cuisine tent.


Capacity100 guests at a timeAvailable while the supply lasts.




EligibilityTasting is open to everyone (please take the survey).




  Developed a new recipe for preparing the deer caught in the forest.


  The details of the dish will be revealed on the day of the event.


  Sample recipes: venison burger, venison Keema curry, venison pot au feu. 


ExhibitRafting on The Tama River




LocationOme Municipal Museum of Provincial HistorySpecial exhibit


FeeFree for everyone.




  You can learn the history of “Ome Somanoho,” the practice of forming logs, chopped


 in the mountains of Ome, into rafts and sending them down The Tama River to


 Rokugo, Ota-ku.


  The images of the timber yard, sawmill, and the log driving down The Tama River are



Ome River Rogaining Competition:2017









Event details


TitleOme River Rogaining Competition:2017


DateOctober 28, 2017Sat8:0016:00  Open rain or shineClose for severe weather


Location:【Gathering place8:00AM: Meet at the Mountain Exchange Center (Mitake Koryu Sentaa)


 【Award ceremony3:30PM“Kamanofuchi Park” 4:00PM: Breakup at Kamanofuchi Park


DetailsRogaining down Tamagawa on a raft, through checkpoints associated with Ome Somanoho (forestry, lumber, rafting, etc.). 


Participation costFree




      ※ A lottery will be conducted if there are more than 20 teams by the deadline, 10/20.


ApplicationUpon reviewing the details of the event on this website, complete and submit


the application form.


OrganizerCollaboration Council of OME SOMANOHO FESTIVAL






Mitake Koryu Sentaa (Mountain Exchange Center)


 8:00 Registration openchange attire


           8:30 Safety training


           9:00 Opening ceremonyEvent descriptionTime for strategizing


           9:30 Start


                ≪NavigationQuizTime trial


Kamanofuchi Park】   


13:30 Goal 


(Bath is available atKanpo no Yado Ome」・Change clothes)          


14:00 Balancing on a log (optional)


          15:30 Award ceremony


          16:00 Dismissal




Competition detailsDescription


The time limit is 4 hours. This is an event in which you will be trying to earn points in [Navigation],


[Quiz], and [Time trial] as you travel down the river on a raft.


Each team consists of 3 members. You will travel down the river in a raft with another team,


and work together with the instructor to reach the goal at the Kamanofuchi Park. 






Get off of the raft at a disembarkation point along the way, hit the checkpoints on the map, and run (walk) to the embarkation point downstream. The numbers on the map designate the point values.   


You are free to decide how to hit the checkpoints among your team. It is up to you, whether you want to gain points by hitting all of the checkpoints, or get to the embarkation point as quickly as possible for the fastest time. Remember, there is a penalty, if you go past the 4-hour time limit.


A picture of the distinctive item at the center of the circle at each checkpoint, taken with the digital camera you received at the start, will be used as the proof of having reached the checkpoint. Take the pictures similarly to the sample checkpoint picture on the map, in similar angle and pose.


At the embarkation point, the teams board the rafts on a first come, first served basis. Again, 2 teams will share a raft. Again, the teams will depart in the order they arrive, thus, you might not be sharing the raft with the team you originally started the race with.  


You will be using a scaled version of 1:25,000 topographic map issued by Geospatial Information Authority


 of Japan. 


There are no limitations on the use of guidebooks, other maps, and map apps on your smartphone.




There are several spots between start and goal, where you will be asked to answer quiz questions. 


There are 2 types of quizzes: ones you gain points for answering correctly, and ones you must answer


 correctly in order to proceed.


Follow the staff instructions and answer the quiz questions. 


The theme of this river regaining competition isOme Somanoho.This is the hint for the quizzes. 




Time trial


There will be a time trial, right before you reach the goal at “Kamanofuchi Park”, to determine


your rafting speed.  


The 2 teams and the instructor must work together and muster all remaining energy.


Points will be awarded based on the time. Both teams in the raft will receive the same number of points.  






◎【Navigationtakes place on public roads, along side car traffic. Participants must follow the traffic rules, and be responsible for their own safety.


In case of an accident during the event, promptly notify the event organizer. The contact information is on the map.


The event organizer holds the portrait and publication rights to the photographs taken during the event.


The event organizer is not liable for loss, theft, or accidents during the event. 


The event is subject to cancellation, and the event schedule is subject to modification, due to inclement


weather and other reasons. 




Things to bring


Swimsuit (wear underneath the wetsuit)


Bath towel (for changing after the event)


Swimming goggles (for those with contact lenses)


Glasses strap (for those wearing glasses)


Health insurance card (a copy)


Event contract




The organizer provides helmets, life jackets, wetsuits, and rafting shoes, free of charge.


  Notify the organizer in advance, if you plan to bring any of the above items.